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  1. FOSDEM 2015

    FOSDEM logo

    Last week-end I attended FOSDEM for the 7th time. It's kinda strange to say and think - if someone tells me they've been going to this or that open-source conference for 7 years I tend to assume they're hardcore and totally know what they're doing. I go to hang out with …

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  2. FOSDEM, over and out

    Another fantastic edition of FOSDEM is now finished. Many thanks to the organisers for another great job!

    Welcome talk, picture of the room

    Amazingly, the Welcome talk managed to top off last year's FOSDEM dance, this time by making the audience contribute the music. I hope they do it again next year, it was kind of …

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  3. FOSDEM 2010: Saturday morning keynotes | Welcome to FOSDEM, Promoting open-source methods in large companies, Evil on the Internet

    I barely took any pictures at FOSDEM this year, so I'm going to steal (with credit!) pictures from various Flickr streams.

    Saturday morning began with the customary welcome keynote, with a little twist for the FOSDEM dance (heh!). Wireless was up and running well before 12.00, which was a …

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