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  1. Recettear on Proton

    I was very excited to hear that many games formerly Windows-only are now playable on Linux, thanks to Steam Proton (based on Wine). Space is a bit too tight for Skyrim on my laptop, but surely it would be nice to see if playing Recettear on Linux is now an …

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  2. OpenStack PTG Dublin - Rocky

    I was so excited when it was first hinted in Denver that the next OpenStack PTG would be in Dublin. In my town! Zero jet lag! Commuting from home! Showing people around! Alas, it was not to be. Thanks, Beast from the East. Now everybody hates Ireland forever.

    The weather …

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  3. Migrated to Pelican

    After 8 years of maintaining my lil' custom Django blog, it's time for a change! I'd been thinking about migrating for a while. After the first couple of years of excitement I started falling further and further behind framework upgrades, and my cute anti-spam system kicked the bucket a couple …

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