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  1. git diff showing a weird output | ^[[1;33m^[[mmmmh?!

    Published: Thu 09 May 2013

    In Tech.

    tags: linux

    I came back to an old project on another machine only to find that the git diff command did not behave as expected anymore:

    ^[[1;33mdiff --git a/myproject/myapp/models.py b/myproject/myapp/models.py^[[m
    ^[[1;33mindex 0216829..d9e1637 100644^[[m
    ^[[1;33m--- a/myproject/myapp/models …
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  2. wvdial: stackmaster assertion failure & EuroPython

    At EuroPython, I happily took advantage of the prepaid SIM card that you could order together with your ticket. However tethering with Wind (Italy) was not to work that simply. On Debian Wheezy I ended up with the following error:

    --> Modem initialized.
    wvdial: utils/wvtask.cc:409: static void WvTaskMan …
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