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  1. Japan

    I'm taking a year out to travel in Japan on a working holiday visa, starting with a couple of months of studying the language some more. I landed about 2 weeks ago. The school put me at a slightly higher level than I had dared to hope and I am …

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  2. DK House Sapporo

    I wanted to take a few minutes to give a shout out to DK House in Sapporo, as a great option to get affordable housing for mediumish to longer stays in Japan. I spent a month there in September.

    DK house front

    They specialise in short-term accommodations, normally starting from 3 months but …

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  3. Adventures in Japan

    In the middle of May, I went away for a couple of weeks in lovely Fukuoka, Japan with the goal of expanding my knowledge of Japanese.

    Every weekday, I went to a language school, GenkiJACS. On the first day, my level was accurately evaluated through a written test and interview …

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