1. OSS Bar Camp

    Had an awesome time at OSS Bar Camp yesterday! I attended some awesome talks about healthcare in developing countries, automating documentation, open-source sustainability, SELinux, ZFS/BTRFS, UCD open-source lab... (which I hope to go visit for Irish coding day next week-end, after hearing some awesome things about their facilities.)

    As …

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  2. Moved

    Published: Mon 05 April 2010

    In Tech.

    The moving house thingie went well, love the new quiet location. This being Ireland, of course, I still don't have Internets... Ah well. As of 2 hours ago I am now the proud and confused owner of a pair of glasses, trying out the world with anti-aliasing on. It's weird …

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  3. Python Ireland meetup

    I'm very glad I was able to attend Python Ireland's March talks meet-up last night, it's the first time (at last!) that I got to hear the Python chaps presenting, some very interesting stuff. Apparently they're doing a "return to the sources" with more introductory talks, after some time of …

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