Book review: Three cups of tea, by Mortenson and Relin | One man's mission to promote peace... one school at a time

I discovered `Three cups of tea <>`__ when an article in OLPC news used it as a comparison against OLPC's goals and the lessons OLPC could/should have learnt from Greg Mortenson's work. This is the story of a man who is building schools in Pakistan. I'm nearly tempted to stop here because, if that doesn't intrigue you then probably the book wouldn't interest you either. I was sold at the "building schools" bit, and the fact that this occurs in Central Asia, mostly Pakistan and Afghanistan makes the story even more extraordinary and interesting. Along the way you'll learn bits and tidbits about Tanzania, climbing, famous climbers, Islam, Pakistan's cultures and geography, madrassas... The story begins in 1993, which makes as well for an interesting perspective on September 11th 2001 and the months that followed, given that Mortenson actually was around that part of the world at the time.

The book is very inspiring, the story and challenges incredible and the writing pleasant and well-paced... Heartily recommended read.