OSS Bar Camp

Had an awesome time at OSS Bar Camp yesterday! I attended some awesome talks about healthcare in developing countries, automating documentation, open-source sustainability, SELinux, ZFS/BTRFS, UCD open-source lab... (which I hope to go visit for Irish coding day next week-end, after hearing some awesome things about their facilities.)

As usual, the talks are half the awesomeness of an event, I met (for the first time or again!) and chatted with a lot of very cool people. I guess the main thing that came out of these conversations for me, is that I will set up my course for teaching how to program using Python again next month, for a small group of adults this time. Hee!

Two main things to do before that: "process" the feedback I got from my students the last time and properly extract the 'lessons learnt' on teaching, and then adapt the outline for the new course. I still have to do some thinking about that, the only thing I'm quite sure of right now is that I don't want to do weekly 3-hours-long sessions. :) Quite looking forward to it, having committed to it to several people is quite motivating to get the gears moving.