Oh, sweet! The Sugar learning environment

I did my talk in TOG tonight. I think it went quite well! I certainly got some positive feedback afterwards. Lots of room for improvements still, of course, many "um"s especially at the beginning, and it probably would have been better if I had rehearsed more, to remove the attachment to my notes for prompts when I got stuck, but otherwise it flowed well and people seemed clear and happy on what Sugar was, what it looks like and the type of learning it tries to encourage. Very nice audience, smallish and I knew most people! Many interesting questions, and having 4 laptops running Sugar (2 XOs with 0.82, 2 Eee with Mirabelle) for people to try out afterwards was a hit, I was delighted to see people rushing toward them and trying out all sorts of activities. (Delightful, noisy Tam Tam!)

The "Presentation Zen" style of presenting worked well too, I think, and I got a few questions about this and the pictures I used. I still need to practice more and become a stronger speaker to support this style better, though. (Motivated!)

Here are the presentation slides, for the curious. In true "Presentation Zen" style they are much less useful without me chatting in front of them, but you'll find most of the information I used for content on http://sugarlabs.org and http://wiki.sugarlabs.org ! :)