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I wanted to take a few minutes to give a shout out to DK House in Sapporo, as a great option to get affordable housing for mediumish to longer stays in Japan. I spent a month there in September.

DK house front

They specialise in short-term accommodations, normally starting from 3 months but if you want to stay for a shorter time like I did, you can get in touch with them in advance and ask if it's ok. Despite sending my queries in both Japanese and English, they replied in English only so you don't need to be overly concerned about the language if your Japanese isn't up to snuff yet :-)

The facilities are clean and the staff is always really helpful. As I was staying only a few weeks I couldn't get a room with a private bathroom, but it didn't turn out to be a problem. I never had to queue for a shower. There's also a shared kitchen and a convenient laundry room.

The rooms have a desk and a LAN port and I didn't have any major issues with the Internet. As a backup I'd rented a "pocket wifi" and I was glad to have it for network-intensive operations (ahem, devstack) or when there was a bit too much contention. Also, there is no wireless in the rooms. (If you're planning to spend a lot of time at that desk, you may want to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that the chair was not picked for its ergonomic qualities!).

There's some totally optional activities from time to time in the common room, if you want to meet with the other residents. You're a few minutes away from the tramway (市電) which leads you straight to the city centre in 15 minutes, 3 konbinis (Lawson, Seven Eleven) and a super tasty ramen place (てつや - I recommend the しょうゆ).

Now if you're used to luxurious super comfortable hotel mattresses and spacious rooms I suppose you may be disappointed.

DK House - Room

Personally I'm really happy with my experience and heartily recommend the place :)

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Thank you for your review! I've been contemplating staying at DK House when I go to Japan net year, and was wondering how it was.
I was wondering how the noise levels were there. Was your apartment fairly quiet (like other tenants...and the fridge :P)? How was the neighbourhood? Did you rent the bedding? If so, was it comfortable (and how many pillows did you get?) Where did you go for groceries? I hope you don't mind me asking these questions. I've just been very curious about DK House for over a year now, and I can't find much for testimonies online.
Thank you for your time :)
#1. Posted by Rae on Wed 25 Mar 2015, 11:35

Hello Rae! No problems with the questions, and feel free to add more if you like :) My email is available on the About page, too.

The fridge makes fridge noises, I'm afraid there's no escaping it :D I think you get used to it, and I used ear plugs for the nights when I couldn't. Other tenants were mostly ok, with an exception once (drunk French people talking with loud drunk voices at 3am. Turns out one was leaving so at least I knew it wouldn't happen again, but I would have told them off otherwise, then told the manager if it had kept on). For some stupid reason there are letterbox openings in each door (I don't know why, they're not used - mail is left in your shoebox at the building entrance), which means sound carries well and folks have to be careful about their noise levels in the corridors at night. Except for those guys the one time though, I thought it was fairly ok. You can hear a door close occasionally but not sustained noises.

I rented the bedding, that's the one you see in the picture. They add that extra blanket too, though I didn't need it in September. Only one small pillow. The bedding itself is pretty thin (maybe 1cm or 2?), it's not like hotel mattresses at all but I didn't find it uncomfortable. You can see maybe a bit more details here: . You probably can buy extra pillows in the 100 yen store or Loft if you like to sleep with many pillows.

The neighbourhood is nice, I walked through the small side streets all the time to get to the tramway or konbini and never was scared. This is Japan, super safe :)

For groceries, there's a supermarket about 10 minutes away but I only went once. I am supeeer lazy when it comes to cooking so I'd usually buy something pre-made in any of the konbini close-by (nom nom karaage chicken), there was also a microwave on the floor where I was so I could warm things up if needed. There's a super delicious ramenya very close, too. When you arrive, the manager will give you a map with the closest shops and restaurants, including the supermarket.

I hope this helps! I had a great time there and wish you an awesome trip, too :)
#2. Posted by jpichon (Website) on Thu 26 Mar 2015, 8:12

Thank you very much! I will likely be going on a Working Holiday Visa, so I'll be staying a while. I want to make sure I make the right choice of accommodation from the start to save myself trouble later on. I plan on bringing some of my own bedding and other things from home, but will likely have to order some things when I'm there. It's good to know I'll get a map. I've already saved some handy addresses on google maps (like the nearest konbini). Were there curtain rods in the rooms (or some other way to hang curtains), and did the windows open and have screens? Were there any bugs in the apartment? I know other parts of Japan have roach problems, but I'm more concerned about spiders. Yuk. And did you use the heater during your stay? Did it stink like kerosene, or was it fine? #3. Posted by Rae on Sat 28 Mar 2015, 8:15

Very nice! I'm actually about to head to Japan on a working holiday visa myself :) (Leaving on Friday!) I'll be in Fukuoka for the first few months, but I hope to drop by Sapporo and DK house again before heading back (if I'm lucky, during the ice festival next year :D).

You can see on the 2nd picture hang bars for curtains, there were little holes as well. There wasn't any curtain by default. The window opens, there are 3 "layers": the window itself, which is also decently soundproof, a translucent thinner layer (you can see it 3/4 closed on that pic), and a grid so that you can leave the window open without worrying about insects. I had no problems with mosquitoes or spiders or other crawlies while I stayed there and didn't see any. Seeing lots of crows in the streets is the only animal encounter I can think of (...besides the zoo!). I was there in September and didn't have to use the heater so I can't answer your last question. It was actually still hot enough that I slept with the window open a couple of times - no AC in the standard room (not sure about the others though).
#4. Posted by jpichon (Website) on Sun 29 Mar 2015, 15:36

All right, thank you again and have fun in Fukuoka! I've been wanting to visit that city, as well :D #5. Posted by Rae on Mon 06 Apr 2015, 13:37

Thanks! Please reach out and say hello if you find yourself there over the next few months :D It's a lovely city, with lovely ramen. Best of luck with your project! #6. Posted by jpichon (Website) on Mon 06 Apr 2015, 21:09

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