Moving to Mastodon

Three years since my last post, haha. And a couple of hardware failures in the meantime, too. Let's see if I remember how to get set up with Pelican.

I dropped off Twitter a while back, but Mastodon is giving me hopeful vibes (could just be the "new-to-me site" feeling, of course!). Either way, wanting to add a link to my Mastodon profile and get rid of the Twitter one has motivated me to dust off this repository.

It feels nostalgic to see a RSS feed link in my footer. I suspect I'm not the only one hungering again for a more decentralised web again. Or more like, it never went away but it got a lot less visible.

I've got some notes from EuroPython (it was in Dublin \o/) I'll dust up soon, and maybe I can start publishing my notes on the meetups I go to now that we're all allowed outside again. Get back in the blogging habit... It could happen!!

My apologies to long forgotten Planets this may appear in, haha, remove this blog freely!! Tags have their own RSS feeds as well (open-source, etc).

No plan to add back a commenting section but feel free to chat on Mastodon.