EuroPython 2011: Lightning Talks

The lightning talks were very fast paced (5 minutes) so I only jolted down some project names I want to check out and interesting tidbits, and missed speaker names just about all the time. Sorry!

To easily create diagrams, check out blockdiag. It includes different shapes that make me hopeful it might be a less painful way to do nice topologies.

Someone's project to remove the GIL in Pypy (future):

global_lock.acquire() / .release()
with Transaction():

Learning a language in 60 hours: (English homepage). It's a piece of software for your mobile phone, that encourages you to learn a language like children do. It's written in Python.

shlex for simple lexical analysis.

Python Edinburgh are a bunch of cool folks with their own conference :)

DjangoZoom, effortless deployment for Django (like Heroku?)

pip install null, if a need to use the Null object pattern arises.