EuroPython 2011

Tomorrow I fly to Italy to make my way over to EuroPython 2011 in Florence. I am tremendously looking forward to it! With 5 days of talks and 2 days of sprints (though probably only one for me) this will be the longest conference I've ever attended, we'll see how I do :-)

The conference looks wonderfully organised, I've been really impressed with everything the all volunteers staff has already accomplished to make the event as enjoyable as possible for everyone (the scheduling with estimated attendance vs. room size, the data SIM, the cultural events...). Can't wait!

Some of the talks I look forward to are...

There are of course many-many-many more talks I highlighted on my schedule, I expect these to be my conference highlights. From past experience though I know I'll be amazed at plenty more!

Now of course, this may be compromised if I fail to hear my alarm clock at 3:45 tomorrow morning :O