The Science Gallery

As briefly mentioned yesterday ;) I happily attended a talk by Kevin Warwick this week at the Science Gallery. The talk was fantastic as expected, and I'd like to take the time to tip my hat to the Science Gallery: if you haven't been yet, or if you plan to visit Dublin in the future and are into science, do take the time to stop by and visit whatever exhibition they have on at the time. They put a lot of thought into creating very well put together exhibitions on a specific theme that last one to three months usually, and you will be amazed, and every member of staff will be happy to spend time with you to explain the object or experiment you're looking at.

They also organise talks by speakers who are knowledgeable on the topic of the exhibition, for free or a 4 or 5 euro fee. Since I started working in the city centre recently, I was able to attend talks on the neuroscience of memory, and how first impressions happen and are stored in the brain, during the MEMORY LAB exhibition. This week, talks on organic bionics and cybernetics for HUMAN+. Warmly recommended!