Inventorium Education Symposium

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up an Inventorium flyer in Tog (wonder who left them there!), and I thought I would register/apply for their symposium in the Science Gallery, now tomorrow night, as the themes appear to touch on many of the education and tech topics that are close to my heart (here's a link to the PDF flyer). It all looks and sounds terribly interesting, and I'm looking forward to learn a few things.

I was kind of planning on going as an enthusiastic mostly-observer, but I must say after spending more time reading the Inventorium website, it's indeed likely to be the case. I don't know if the kind of ideas I have, more like opinions really, together with the occasional quirky endeavour, will be relevant for this "symposium". I have trouble mapping the language on their site to the approachable content of the flyer. Still -- I'm sure it'll be very interesting, and at least I'll learn how closely I should follow the Inventorium efforts over the next few years :-)