A few notes from the first session | Teaching again

Post-session #1 thoughts (from Monday's scribbles):

  • Note to self: Re-read carefully the lesson's content beforehand, to remember it all. Knowing what's "print" and what's a variable like the back of your hand doesn't mean you remember how to explain them to someone encountering the concepts for the first time. Very embarrassing, I never want to introduce any concept like this again.
  • PhD students are SMART.
  • It's a shockingly different experience than what I'm used to. People read things once and Just Get It (TM). Unfortunately they also call to me less and so I don't have a chance to see their progress and correct mistakes, share tips, point out inefficiencies or just help in general. I'm making plans to try to mitigate this.
  • Overall I will have to work very hard to keep things interesting. It's both exhilarating and super scary.