Sewing in December

In December, I'm going to embark with a few other people on a "sew-along" adventure targeted at beginners. My sewing skills are limited to sort-of-putting back together fallen buttons and er that's about it, so this should be an interesting experience!

This is the first post from Gertie about this, the person leading the sew along project.

The second one is about getting fabrics.

Truth is, I am fairly lost right from the first post. There's a lot of vocabulary I'm missing, other things I plain don't understand and because I'm not familiar with the field it's difficult for me to visualise what's supposed to happen, even after reading up on the words and concepts.

Thankfully Cheryl knows a thing or two about sewing (all that Lilypad awesomeness must be good practice!) and didn't freak out when I called her "Mentor" so she'll be helping :) Already learning a lot from her post about measures and fabrics, will do the measuring thing later on this week.

I ordered the pattern and fabric from Sewbox in the UK (not received yet). I may shop around Dublin to find a nicely coloured fabric for the tie, though I'm not quite sure where to look for something like that.

The actual sew along adventure begins on December 6th, until then it's about getting the pattern and fabric. There will likely be impromptu meetings in Tog to work on this, you're very welcome to join in if interested! (We can make all sorts of terrible mistakes together \o/)