TEDx Dublin 4

Last Thursday I happily attended TEDx Dublin 4.0 at the Science Gallery. I thought it was a bit too computer sciency slanted (I really enjoyed the 3rd edition, with talks on physical product design, or shark slime, and other very interesting things I would never have thought about otherwise), but still the talks were tremendously interesting and I had a lovely time hearing about...

  • ...Non-Destructive Testing as a way to build your company
  • ...a talk on tradition, translation and transmission that ended up not going any further than tradition but offered quite an interesting view of Ireland, using the word of tradition in the sense of "identity". Ireland will be 100 year old in 2021!
  • ...a energising TED talk video about classical music and Chopin, by Benjamin Zander
  • ...the mathematics of bullet time by a Trinity lecturer who worked on the Matrix, although I must say I understood "which picture looks the best" better than the actual maths :)
  • ...Josh Klein on the topic of his new book "Hacking work", an entertaining talk with advice mixed with real world anecdotes. I just started reading the book, and so far it follows the same enjoyable pattern.

It's a very nice event to attend, I wish they were organised more often. Looking forward to the next one, once again!