Gnome Development Documentation and Tools Hackfest

This is very spooky to me, but I've signed myself up for the Gnome development documentation and tools hackfest this December.

It's spooky because I'm not a Gnome developer (except for that one Gnome-love patch... which is much past its expiry date by now, I must move on!). I met some fantastic people at GUADEC though, and I very much look forward to meeting them again and being inspired by them again. This particular hackfest aims to improve the documentation and tools for people starting out with Gnome development, so I should be the perfect target and I hope I will be able to help and contribute meaningfully.

If it doesn't work out, well, I guess I can excuse myself and go visit Berlin. I've never been to Germany. The flights and days off are booked... All that's left is accommodation, which I'll look into after a bit of research. Ideally, before December comes!