Ready for GUADEC

I will be flying to Amsterdam tomorrow. Bag's ready, only need to select 1 or 2 books that are both interesting and light. If everything goes according to plan flight-wise I'll be able to attend the Gnome Women dinner tomorrow night, which should be good fun and a great way to start meeting Gnome people!

I'm looking forward to talks targeting new Gnome contributors, like "5 things every Gnome hacker should know". I'd also like to learn more on Telepathy -- "Gnome 3: the Telepathic Desktop" looks like it should be interesting -- and I want to attend a few other talks about Gnome 3 to reassure myself about the future of Gnome and what the roadmap looks like post 3.0 release. I can never quite make up my mind between coolness and worries, whenever I think about it.

Looking forward to it all!