Random thoughts about the Netherlands and GUADEC | From the airport

Lots, lots, lots of bicycles. After 5 days I still haven't totally grokked the explicit and implicit rules of where to walk to avoid being run over by a bike. But I survived!

At GUADEC, when someone asks you "what do you do?" they mean in Gnome. I met very few people that weren't paid to work on Gnome in some way or shape. I introduced myself as "a happy user" (I am!) which seemed to delight some people. I got a couple of "good bye, happy user!" as I was leaving the hotel lobby at an(other) unofficial after-party yesterday, that was quite funny. Probably from people who couldn't remember my name as I wasn't wearing my badge anymore ;)

I've learnt many things and met a ton of very cool people over the last few days, although tonight my mind is kinda blank. Information and people overload, between the conference all day long followed by parties every night, GUADEC gets kinda intense. I'm delighted and plotting whether I'll be able to go next year. Someone offered to mentor/help me out with getting involved with some Gnome-love bugs. There'll be a HackFest in Berlin in December. I'm looking forward to following up with many of the people I've befriended over the last few days, after I sleep some!

Lots of people don't seem to know Moo cards and loved my MiniCards, sometimes asking me if they could please get one while I was handing it to someone else. If you got here from the link on my card now you know where to get MiniCards of your own :)

My worries about Gnome 3 have been lessened some. I don't know if it's attending so many talks by passionate hard-working people, or something they put in the water at GUADEC that makes me come back feeling very positive and confident about Gnome 3. March 2011!