5 questions for GUADEC participants

From the GUADEC blog:

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a software developer from Dublin, Ireland. Passionate about open-source and education.

  1. How did you get into GNOME?

Gnome has been the default desktop for most distro I've used. After a while I decided to see if I could help out with something, and found some bugs tagged with gnome-love that I could actually solve, yay! I haven't done much since then though, besides being a happy Gnome-tee-shirt-wearing user.

  1. Why are you coming to GUADEC?

I'm hoping to learn more about Gnome, meet some of the awesome people behind the project(s), and build up the confidence to become a stronger contributor myself.

4) In 1 sentence, describe what your most favorite recent GNOME project has been. (Doesn't have to be yours!)

Gnome-terminal. I use it constantly, got my first Gnome patch accepted into that project and seem to stumble upon it all the time (e.g. finding the related gnome-terminal patch on the same site I was using to learn about control sequences.)

...Going over my one sentence, Empathy/Telepathy are pretty cool too. And I'm having a jolly good time learning pyGTK as well!

  1. Will this be your first time visiting the Netherlands?

Yes! I didn't leave much buffer time around the conference for tourism though.

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