Published: Mon 04 January 2010

In Tech.

tags: django

A few months back, while investigating the technologies I was less familiar with for a Python job that looked pretty cool, I finally got to properly discover Django.

Until then I thought that when I would finally get around to learn a new web framework it would be Perl based, but without any project I particularly cared about my attempts kinda kept fizzling out. I went a bit further with Django, likely because it's such a breeze to set up for development, and their website is awesome for those just starting out with the framework. They have all the buzzwords in all the right places, hint at all that's possible to do ("other batteries included", yes indeed!), but most importantly they offer a fantastic tutorial that showcases how powerful Django is, while not taking a huge amount of time to go through. Like I suspect most people, I was awed when playing with the admin site for the first time. Such a painstakingly repetitive part of any webapp... Now fun again!

Life got busy after this and I stopped poking around, but as soon as I got some breathing time an old idea popped back into my head, making my own website / portfolio for the stuff I care about; open-source, education, software development. And getting back to writing regularly so I can get better at it, maybe putting together tutorials about all the cool stuff I end up clashing against and figuring out.

After a month or so of fun with Django in the evening, here we are with version 0.1. It should be fun!