Open-source in schools: an awesome link | With case studies!

Just found an awesome link about open-source in schools:, thanks to the Ubuntu education mailing-list. I haven't had enough time yet to explore everything but this is exactly the kind of things I'm looking for, the case studies are really interesting -- and there's one based in Ireland as well!

I've been talking to people interested in bringing open-source and/or Ubuntu to schools, usually because of budget reasons. I think it's a fantastic idea and I'm happy to help wherever I can, and at the moment I'm looking for case studies on schools that did migrate to understand better the pain points and whether the outcome was worth it.

The first question people have been asking me is "Do you know of any Irish school that did this?" so in the hope of building a solid answer to that, although I do keep my eyes open for research from anywhere I'm trying to focus on finding local case studies first if they exist. I think it's reassuring to know that a school just like yours, a county down the road made the switch too.