Hackerspaces Week

There hasn't been much public info about it yet, but inspired by Cheryl's Hackerspace Week teaser I'm going to start speaking about it too! The first Irish Hackerspaces week will happen soon in August, from the 14th to 22nd, and I'll be talking about Sugar.

My talk will last about 30 minutes, in the evening of the 17th in Tog.

Come and learn about Sugar, the learning platform for children. Sugar offers an innovative desktop environment designed to encourage collaboration and critical thinking through Activities. Initially developed as part of the One Laptop Per Child project, Sugar is now community led and can run on any machine thanks to Sugar on a Stick.

There will be plenty of other interesting talks, workshops, demos and more... that I will happily link to once more information starts surfacing!

EDIT: It's alive! Full schedule of the week now available.

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I hope to be at all the Monday and Tuesday talks... all sound interesting! My interest in Sugar is mostly on behalf of the schools that some of my relatives run, and the lock-picking more for my own interest in tinkering with things... although one of the schools does have a very progressive curriculum, I might report that back to them too ;-) #1. Posted by John (Website) on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 18:40

I hope the talks will be worth the trip!! I'm also curious about the lock picking. See you next week so :) #2. Posted by jpichon (Website) on Wed 11 Aug 2010, 23:55

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